>Do you think of the person sitting in the desk next to you as a customer? Do you see yourself as a supplier to the next department? Most employees don’t view themselves in their organization as customers and suppliers to each other and therefore, don’t work as hard at delivering good customer service internally. In fact, it is usually much less than good service, it is bad service.

Unreturned phone calls, no response to email requests, abrupt telephone answering, and slow follow-up to urgent needs from colleagues are all behaviors of poor service. There is a direct correlation between internal customer service and external customer service. It is a ripple effect between how one is treated and that is passed forward. It is much more difficult to delight the external customer when internally there is tension, lack of teamwork and “not my job” attitude in helping each other.

Secret: Customer doesn’t care how much hassle, frustration, and backstabbing takes place within an organization. All they care about is: did you give me what I was promised. Wouldn’t life be much more pleasant if everyone treated each other internally as their very best customer?


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