Last week I stayed at the Westin in Mumbai Garden City and it was a fabulous experience the entire time! The staff was amazing. Everyone exuded a welcoming demeanor from the front desk receptionists to the housekeepers to the dining room waiters to the gym staff. My reservation was for 7 nights and most of the staff knew exactly my length of stay as they would make comments such as “and how is your third day with us going?” The result of those comments made me feel noticed as a guest. They were paying attention to the details.

The sincerity of the assistant restaurant manager in coming over to greet me every day also made me feel as if I was the most important person staying in the hotel. She remembered our conversations from day-to-day and made suggestions for tours and places to eat. One waiter in particular made sure he greeted me with such enthusiasm every morning that it almost felt as if he had been waiting just for me for him to serve. As I talked to other guests, they too, felt the same sincerity and feelings of being singled out as a special guest. This comes from “looking through the lens of the customer” approach. As most guests were from another country and out of their comfort zone, the staff put themselves in our shoes to make us feel safe, secure, and welcomed.

I had several requests throughout the week that could easily have been answered with an “I’m sorry, but we can’t do that”, but they weren’t. When I asked if they could change money for me at the front desk, they said “yes”. When I asked for a late checkout, they not only said “yes”, but they gave me till 7 p.m. so I didn’t have to sit at the airport all afternoon and evening. As I shared with one of the staff how impressed I was with the service and their willingness to please, he said “this is how we are trained. We are trained to try never to say “no”, but somehow figure out a way to say “yes”.

Being the recipient of such WOW customer service has created such an emotional connection for me with Westin hotels that I am willing to shout it out to the world how wonderful they are. Wouldn’t that be great if all your customers felt the same about your business?

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