Giving Employees Tools to Deliver Amazing Service

Seamless Channels of Communication

The two things that customers dislike the most is being transferred to another person and having to reexplain their situation. By having a system in place that allows the employee who picks up the call to be able to review the customer information and interact with other employees who may be needed to help with a resolution, is huge in building trust and loyalty.

Today businesses and organizations are fortunate to have multiple means of communicating with customers. In addition, to the social media of websites, twitter, and Facebook, there are employees who use voice mail, email, texting, and calling to connect with their customers. If you want to build loyal customers, look for ways to seamlessly communicate with them through the various channels.

Last week when I called my health insurance company, the phone representative was able to pull up my whole history on her end and assist in resolving my issue quickly and efficiently. I was delighted! She sounded pretty happy too, because she had the tools and resources to become a “hero” to me. Think how much that makes her work day so much more fun and enjoyable.

Not only does personalizing the communication create a Wow with customers, but also ensuring the same message and same information is consistent across all the media. This takes a lot of effort, but there are companies out there, like Gladly, that will help make this easier.

Empowering employees to take ownership takes more than saying “you are empowered”, it means giving them the resources and training. This takes time and money, but when you create loyal customers, you will be paid back tenfold in their retention and also the retention of your employees.

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