>According to the Gallup survey of one million customers presented in the book “First, Break All the Rules” they want:

1. Accuracy – Give me the correct information. If you don’t know, then go find out. Give me the product that you promised, don’t shortcut me or change it without telling me.

2. Availability – Be available when I need you to be there. If that means 24/7, then set up your operation to accommodate this. Be responsive, if I have a question, problem, or concern get back to me quickly.

3. Partnership – Act like a partner vs. an adversary. Show concern for my needs and look for a win-win solution. Build a relationship of trust and let’s work together.

4. Advice – This was identified as the highest form of customer service. Share with me some unsolicited information or help that makes me feel like you shared an inside secret that not everyone else knows about.

By communicating these standards with your employees to ensure they understand the ways they can exhibit these behaviors with their customers, you will be well on your way to making sure your customers are really happy. Why? Because they got what they want!


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