Willing to tattoo company logo on body

Last week, I was delighted to spend some time watching the employees working at Pike Place Market in Seattle, Wa. Ever since they decided they would become the World’s Most Famous Fish Market, the employees have bought into the culture, hook, line, and sinker. It was evident in the teamwork they displayed and the fun they had playing with the crowds.

Whenever a customer would purchase a fish, an employee would pick it up from the ice bar and they would begin a game of throw and catch with an employee behind the counter. See video. People would gather to watch and everyone would clap and cheer as the fish went airborne. It had to be fun for the employees to hear the shouts and thrill coming from the “audience.”



The FISH philosophy was created based upon this work environment. The four basic principles of the FISH philosophy are key to its core:

1. Choosing one’s attitude
2. Playing at work
3. Making someone’s day
4. Being present

I observed each of these principles in action and then noticed one employee had a tattoo of the Public Market tattooed on his leg. What kind of a business in today’s world could inspire an employee to permanently display the company logo on their body? The employee smiled when I asked him that question and simply responded, “I love my job!”

Employee loyalty starts with the employee having the tools and resources to do their job and being able to take pride and satisfaction in doing it. And when leadership creates an environment that allows employees the opportunity to have FUN AND ENJOY their job, that employee loyalty is strengthened beyond no ends.

How many of your employees would be willing to tattoo your company logo on their body? How many would say “I love my job?”

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