Everyone comes to the job with a different definition of what makes great customer service. It is management’s job to define clearly what great service is to their business. Courtesy is #1. For world-class courtesy: a customer is looking for the use of exceptional manners, as interpreted from their perspective and to exceed their expectations. Here are some characteristics that exhibit world-class courtesy behaviors:

-a willingness to discover opportunities to exceed the customer’s expectations
-a friendly smile (even over the phone)
-using the person’s last name (unless customer indicates otherwise)
-a neat appearance
-proper use of the language
-exceptional listening skills (attentiveness)
-a relaxed and natural tone of voice
-appropriate eye contact
-clear communication at the customer’s comprehension level
-knowledge about the product or service

Create a checklist as to how each of these are performed by the employees in your business. Are you world-class?

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