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In Seth Godin’s recent blog, he talks about companies basically telling customers to Please Go Away by the way they treat them. Things such as no phone numbers listed on websites for you to call or so hidden it takes a sleuth to find it. Representatives who are rewarded for quantity of calls taken vs. quality of calls handled. Reps who are punished for escalating you to someone who can actually help resolve your issue. The worst is the staffing of chat rooms with people who can’t speak the language clearly and are mere robots in repeating back the scripts they’ve been given.

The result is that customers go away. The customers you spent a lot of money marketing and advertising to get them in your door. Cumbersome, unfriendly processes and systems that make them want to go away. It costs 3 to 5 times more to get a new customer than to keep an old one. Why would you not want to spend your money more wisely by looking for ways to keep the customer?

When I find a business that has trained knowledgeable staff who are friendly, helpful, and appear to have my best interests in mind – I don’t leave. I become a loyal customer and tell all my friends. I become a marketing and advertising champion for the business. This is how QuickBooks rose to such profitability so quickly. There was no initial sales staff. It was a great product and the phone staff were so helpful that customers became the sales force. Imagine having all your customers selling for you and how much money you could save by not churning and burning through your customers.

Are you telling your customers to Please Go Away?

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