TRUST is a huge factor in building loyal customer relationships.  What does it take to create Trust?  A simple acronym you can use to assess the level of trust between your business and customers:

T – TRUTHFUL:  Are we honest in the information we share with our customers?  Do we act with integrity even when there may be opportunities to not be so “above board”?
R – RESPECTFUL:  Do we recognize that our customers have differences, opinions, needs and desires that may not match ours and yet we respect their wishes and deal with accordingly?
U – US:  Do all employees think of the relationship between the business and our customers as a “partnership”?  The employees know their job is to work with the customer to ensure they get what they were promised and in a supportive and helpful manner?
S – SILENCE:  Do we respect the privacy and confidentiality of information that our customers may share with us?
T – TIMELY:  Do we always meet the due dates and deadlines we give our customers so they know they can count on us and not have to worry about whether we will be on time.

In doing the above behaviors, you can earn your customers Trust over time.  Once you earn that Trust, the customer is more apt to give you referrals, repeat business and their retention.  The key is the consistency of all employees in exhibiting these behaviors. Trust in a customer relationship is…. priceless.


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