>A culture of service doesn’t just happen.  It must be planned and managed.  First it starts with the leadership defining the vision of what Service will look like in your organization and then what are the behaviors/standards to deliver that level of service with every customer.

Customer workshops for everyone from the senior management to the frontline management should then be conducted to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of what the vision is and how to achieve it.  Customer service skills should also be taught because not everyone knows these skills and many times employees just bring the skills they learned at their last job with them.  These may or may not be at the level you desire.

To engrain a culture of service, it then must become a part of all your major processes and systems starting with your interview and selection process.  Followed with reinforcement during orientation and refresher training classes.  Measurement of customer satisfaction keeps it on the forefront of what people are paying attention to and recognition is the best way to reinforce the behaviors.  Management must be committed to making it part of job descriptions and performance appraisals, as well as continuous coaching and counseling.

Creating and sustaining a culture of service is not magic, but it is hard work and an intolerance for mediocre or poor service.  Unleashing Excellence – The Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service is an organized logical approach outlining how to create such a culture.


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