There are certain words and phrases that are best avoided when looking to build great relationships with customers.  Here are a few:
1.  “That’s our  policy.”  If the customer wasn’t aware of the policy (it was one of those unstated policies) look for another way to help them out and handle their issue. If the customer was aware of the policy, but is hoping you will waiver it for them, use the wording “in order to protect you” or “in order to benefit you” and remind them why the policy was created in the first place.
2.  “Are you sure?”  This sounds like you are doubting the customer and puts them on the defensive.  Instead, ask more clarifying questions and really seek to understand the concern looking through their lens.
3.  “No problem”.  This phrase implies the customer is causing you a problem.  The better response is “Yes, I can take care of this for you.”
4.  “I’ll try and see what I can do”.  Customer doesn’t want you to just try, they want you to do.  Tell them what you know you can do and will do.  This takes away the time period of uncertainty and unknowing of what may happen.
5.  “I will get back to you as soon as I can”.  This really leaves the customer in a spot because “as soon as I can”  is so indefinite.  Instead, give a specific time and date when you will get back to the customer and then, even if you don’t have the final answer for them, call and let them know what the status of the situation is.

Building customer relationships through delivering great service builds customer loyalty.  What you say and how you say things to your customers makes a difference.


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