What better time than Valentine’s Day to let your employees know how much you love and appreciate them. Without them, where would you be with your customers? There is a direct correlation between excellent internal customer service and excellent external customer service.

Here are some suggestions:
1. Send a handwritten note. Supervisors can send them or they could ask the senior managers to write a personal note to an employee who deserves recognition.
2. Flex their hours. Giving someone a little latitude in deciding their work schedule so they can take time for personal issues, goes a long way in building trust and relationships.
3. Applaud their efforts. If someone has done something really worthwhile, at the next staff gathering have everyone give a standing ovation to the employee.
4. Serve coffee and refreshments. From time to time, the executives should take a morning and serve coffee and refreshments around the office and facilities. Let’s employees visit and reconnect on a personal level.
5. Say “thank you”. Two simple words that are undervalued, but give the highest return on your investment. People want to feel appreciated.

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