Last week I went on a trip with my daughter to San Francisco. She showed me a new way of moving around a city that is revolutionizing the transportation industry. It’s all about customer service and innovation. It’s Uber!

Using the Uber app, it is simple and easy to ask for a car to meet you at your location and get a ride to where you want to go. The driver’s picture and name pops up on your Iphone to personalize the experience. In every case, the driver was friendly, the car was clean, and there was no hassle in the payment exchange at the end of the ride. I didn’t mind paying the little differential between using them and a Yellow Cab for these reasons.

As we used the Uber service many times in our five day stay, a TRUST was developed between us and the company. It was built on the consistency of following through on all the little things. Astonishingly, one time we were sent a refund that we didn’t even know was incorrectly charged at the end of a trip that had mistakenly overcharged for one of the toll bridges. A quick note of apology, a reimbursement of the overcharge, and a “thank you again” for our business.

Great customer service is not the result of one big thing. It is the result of many little things done extremely well. Uber is off to a terrific start. Service mapping is a powerful tool to help pay attention to the details of customer touch points.

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