>Philip Crosby believed in the power of “Thank You”.  And so he created Thanksgiving Week at Philip Crosby Associates and it was celebrated in April.  Why April? it was something to look forward to between all the holidays and was tied into a recognition event called the Thanksgiving Ball that was held every year for employees.

Thanksgiving Week gave special “thanks” to someone different each day of the week:

Sunday – Thank the Lord (a moment of prayer on the lawn of the Quality College)
Monday – Thank the Board of Directors (a special luncheon)
Tuesday – Thank the Suppliers (thank you letter of appreciation for their help)
Wednesday – Thank the Community (names of all those businesses in one page ad in Orlando Sentinel)
Thursday – Thank the Clients (small token gift to students in the Quality College that week)
Friday – Thank the Families of employees (an ice cream social)
Saturday – The Thanksgiving Ball for employees (black tie affair with spouses/significant others)

An organization is made up of many different components.  You rely on your suppliers to give you quality input, you rely on the community to support you, you depend on your clients to give you business, you rely on your employees to deliver on the promises made.  We were a very successful company and we all knew we were much appreciated.  We knew our “true product” was to change mindsets and attitudes about quality from “that’s close enough” to “do it right the first time”.  It was a process.  It was a culture of internal and external customer service

Phil Crosby knew his people were his greatest asset and that’s why he always found ways to say “Thank You”.  It has not been forgotten.


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