Several years ago United Airlines disappointed Dave Carroll, a musician, who watched his prized Taylor guitar being rough handled on the tarmac by the baggage handlers. He approached over 17 different United Airline representatives who kept passing the buck and would not take responsibility or ownership for the damage. Being a musician, he decided to take his frustrations public and wrote a YouTube video  that went viral world-wide and was watched by millions. It actually became a teaching tool in United Airlines training classes on how to NOT deliver customer service.

Lessons must have been learned. Recently, CNN posted this report about several United Airline representatives taking ownership of a passenger situation and rather than ignoring, passing the buck, or hiding under policy, decided to step outside the boundaries and deliver exceptional service to a very appreciative passenger. It has been read by thousands of people the world over. This is how a culture begins to change, one action leads to another.

Well done, United Airlines!

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