Two weeks ago, my house was hit by a small twister that ripped the roof off the back half of the house. I have lived in Florida all my life through hurricanes, thunderstorms, lightning strikes, and never really had much damage to deal with; now guess it was my turn.

For years, my husband and I have dutifully been paying our USAA home insurance premiums. Would they live up to their name, image and reputation at the time the rubber hits the road? We called Florida Catastrophe Corp. as soon as we realized water was coming in the ceiling. Within hours they were at the house laying tarp and rolling in blowers to keep mold from growing in the roof insulation. USAA was our next call and we verified Florida Cat was an approved contractor to them, then let USAA take the ball from there.

What a great customer experience in a bad situation! Don Spence, a long-time rep from USAA and Reggie Bergeron, co-president of Florida Cat, worked the project together. It was wonderful to see such a professional relationship between what could have been two adversarial companies looking for best resolution from his company’s standpoint, to two companies looking through the lens of the customer.

The roof is already replaced and I am not worried about the rest of the repairs, because I know I can trust USAA and Florida Cat. It is in times of crisis, you often find out what people are made of. Watching the interaction with a vendor, as well as being the customer of the experience, USAA proved what they are renowned for: honesty, integrity, loyalty and service. Don and Reggie both made it quite evident they not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.

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