Now that the economy is improving, many employees are starting to look. Starting to look for a place of employment where they feel appreciated and important. Customer satisfaction is directly related to employee satisfaction. When employees are happy, customers are happy. Employees that enjoy their work, will find ways to engage and have fun with the customers. The work environment becomes a place that employees look forward to coming to and being an integral part vs. just a place to put in their time to get a paycheck. When employees are not happy, customers are usually not happy. Customers buy for a quality product, but they leave because of a lousy experience. It’s tough to fake it every day if you are not content. Here are five ways to guarantee your employees will become dissatisfied and your best people will quit:

1. Watch over their shoulder constantly. Micromanage as much as you can.
2. Don’t praise when you catch people doing things right, only criticize when you catch people doing something wrong.
3. Make sure your processes are stringent and strict. Never allow employees to waiver or empower them to be flexible with processes or procedures. This ensures they will never have the chance to become a hero with their customers.
4. Withhold information about the company’s goals, finances, and competition so employees never feel an attachment to the importance of what they are doing.
5. Make sure employees always feel they are on the edge of being fired for any mistake they might make.

Of course, the way to make employees want to stay and want to serve your customers with the best possible service is to do the opposite of each of these five ways.

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