Reflecting on this past Fourth of July weekend, there were several moments that caught my attention that I believe exhibit the values and actions of great customer service.

The first was the Casey Anthony case.  Such coverage, such a spotlight, not only on the judge, attorneys and Casey, but also upon our local Orlando courthouse.  According to the Orange County Clerk of the Courts, they were able to provide typewritten documents of each morning’s testimony by the afternoon for those requesting such information.  That’s efficiency of service at its finest!  Great customer service is paying attention to the details and that was certainly one of the details that was thought through and a process designed to ensure it could happen.  It was a detail that certainly made the lives easier for those who needed that data.

The second was the Wimbledon finals.  As the Wall Street Journal’s article describe “A Loser’s Winning Moment”, its easy to be a winner, but if you really want to prove yourself to be an all-time great, lose beautifully with class and humility, like Rafeal Nadal.  When you as a company make an error, don’t try and blame it on everything and everyone else, accept the error and be gracious.  Give your best in service recovery to make the customer happy and keep your respect and dignity.

And finally, the public service announcements from individual soldiers serving overseas.  It was interesting that each one in their 15 second television moment, thanked us (the American people) for our support and wished us a Happy 4th of July.  That’s Trust and in keeping customers for life, it’s all about the trust.

Paying attention to the details, great character, a servant’s heart, and trust.  How many of these traits does your organization exhibit on a day-to-day basis?  Ask your employees to give you examples of when they have shown these traits and managers can do the same.

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