I was told I could return a dress my mother had purchased for me at the Fresh Produce store in St. Augustine to the Orlando store as long as I had the receipt and was within the 30 day timeframe. The Orlando store is located in the center of Universal Studios Park – the tourist part of town. Not a regular visitor to the tourist attraction area, it was quite an ordeal finding parking, getting entrance into the Park, and hiking to the store. Once in the store, I realized I couldn’t find the receipt which I had had with me the day before.

Exasperated with myself and dreading a return trip to just get the receipt, I was frustrated. The clerk was wonderful! Rather than the typical “well, we can’t do a return without the receipt” and a turning away to be done with me – she said “we must be able to do something – let me think about this a moment”. She then began going through ideas which resulted in her calling the St. Augustine store and asking them to look up my mother’s name electronically and as I had my mother’s credit card and date of purchase – she was able to verify and the two stores collaborated.

It is the “CAN DO” attitude that sets indifferent and even good employees apart from great employees.

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