A friend just handed me this business-sized card that simply says YOU MATTER. She then tells me that I matter to her and she appreciates our friendship. WOW! That was nice. My friend had made up and printed these cards to carry around with her so she can give them out to people who make her days better. Actually, it made MY day better to know that “I” mattered to someone.

Isn’t that all most of us are really looking to do at the end of the day – just matter to someone? It could be our spouse, child, parent, friend, co-worker, boss, or customer, but it is the fact that we made a difference in someone’s life. For instance, for me today, it was the Best Buy employee who spent an hour helping me select a new laptop and never showed impatience, but really listened to my needs to ensure I would be pleased with my purchase when I got home. This was my third visit to the store to purchase a sorely needed updated laptop, but I was usually brushed off by a bored sales person because I asked too many questions trying to make certain it would meet my needs as a speaker and trainer, and so I would leave without buying anything. But, Frandi was awesome, taking his time to intently listen to the questions and then responding with an answer and little tips of advice based on his knowledge and expertise. And so I bought a laptop and felt really good about the purchase. I want to print up YOU MATTER cards and go give Frandi one.

We all go through our daily lives doing our jobs, taking care of our families, running here and there, and being so busy doing things, that is rare for someone to step out and take the time to say Thank You for what you do and remind them they do matter. If everyone could be reminded of the value they serve in each others’ lives, they probably would be more inspired to make a greater effort in what they do and how they do it.

So starting today, tell those who do make your life better (and it doesn’t have to be in a big huge way, most times it’s the little things that make the difference) “YOU MATTER” and then tell them Why. If they are like me, their face will light up, they will stand a little straighter, they will smile a little more, and they will be renewed in how they do the things they do and how they interact with everyone they meet.

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