Process Improvement

Creating a Culture of Service Excellence

T.A.Yanovitch, Inc.  works with organizations to develop a culture of quality service leading to increased student loyalty and retention. Research shows that Service Excellence is a key ingredient in improving college student retention rates, graduation rates, prestige of the institution, positive branding, and support from alumni and the community. All these factors have a direct impact on budgets, funding, and the financial health of the institution.

The “student experience” has become a major differentiator in students selecting and graduating from an institution. This initiative is designed to create a brand, have a significant impact on the organization’s culture and help ensure that service excellence is a core component of the culture. Everyone must make service a part of their job descriptions. Therefore, internal service is just as important as external service. Goals and accountability must be clear to everyone and that it is fair and consistent among all departments.

To achieve significant results and encourage student success, the approach requires: cross-functional education, skills and tools, identification of service delivery obstacles, and implementation support. Service excellence must start at the top of the organization in order to create a seamless customer experience. Service excellence is not a department, but rather a philosophy and a way of life for an organization.


  • Develop a Service Philosophy and Service Standards
  • Set up a Service Excellence Team
  • Weave Service Excellence into critical systems and processes
  • Educate managers and staff on their individual roles
  • Provide Tool Kits on implementating Service Excellence
  • Check List of Best Practices