“Customer service is key to the success of any company. I recommend Unleashing Excellence to any company needing a ‘how to’ and ‘can do’ manual to implement service excellence in their organization.”

Richard A. Nunis Retired Chairman, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Unleashing Excellence: The Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service Updated and Expanded 2nd Edition

Author: Teri Yanovitch & Dennis Snow

Unleashing Excellence: The Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service has been used by organizations around the world for designing and implementing customer service strategies. The new and expanded edition of Unleashing Excellence includes the latest tools, best practices, and invaluable lessons learned from companies who have actually applied the authors’ comprehensive system for building a first-rate customer service culture from the ground up!

Filled with vital information, Unleashing Excellence literally walks you through every aspect of the nine leadership actions required to compete in a global marketplace where products and services are becoming increasingly commoditized and the Internet provides dissatisfied customers with a powerful forum.

Just some of what you’ll learn from reading Unleashing Excellence… how to establish a Service Improvement Team, including selection criteria, member responsibilities, and meeting agendas; develop the Service Philosophy and Standards that become the non-negotiable service expectations every employee will be expected to follow; construct a communication strategy for getting your employees on board, and keeping them informed, involved and engaged in your service initiative; a clear strategy for delivering effective service training to every person at every level of your organization; select the right candidate for the right role, including the best recruitment methods and interviewing techniques; measure those factors that truly matter to customers, then incorporate the results for continuous improvement; recognize and reward superior service to keep employees motivated; identify and solve service obstacles that can emotionally disengage employees; and revise your accountability tools to include the elements of your service initiative.

The tools and methods provided in Unleashing Excellence are user-friendly, flexible and, best of all, practical.

Retain or Retrain: How to Keep the Good Ones from Leaving

Author: Teri Yanovitch, Don Sanders, Carol Hacker, Lewis Losoncy, Ed Rose, David Cox, & David Baker

Many business owners don’t have a problem keeping their poorer employees. The big problem is keeping the good employees – the ones that see greener pastures elsewhere and leave. The process of keeping the good employees is one of major importance and one that few companies take time to embrace. As it has become painfully clear: it is less expensive to retain employees than train new ones. Here’s a book that addresses this critical issue.