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Educational Excellence

T.A. Yanovitch, Inc. works with colleges and universities to develop a culture of quality service leading to increased student loyalty and retention


  • Increase employee retention
  • Establish positive brand
  • Dramatically increase revenues
  • Increase student retention
  • Increase student graduation rates
  • Reduce student transfer rates

Service Excellence

72%* of student drop outs are typically related to service issues that can be managed.
Service Excellence is a serious management science, ensuring your processes and people are positioned to make your institution a success and be recognized as such in the marketplace. The cost of student retention can be measured in the millions of dollars to your institution.

Our Process

Great service doesn’t just happen.  It must be planned, managed and incorporated into the structure of the organization.  Consistent attitudes, behaviors and processes must be adopted to support this strategy.  Our process involves an approach that includes leadership, teamwork and communication actions that actually implement the principles of quality service into tangible and measurable means.


The educational environment has become much more competitive. Students have multiple options and many organizations are competing for the same student enrollment. In order to compete in this environment, an organization must develop a brand of providing superior service and value. This brand allows the organization to attract and retain students, develop loyal employees and faculty, and allows your employees, staff, faculty, and students to be your best marketing force.

In order for a brand to take hold, the organization must perform. A process is needed to deliver the service and value. In the past, many educational institutions have felt they were immune to market forces and human dynamics. It was felt that education was not subject to the same forces that all other organizations were and that the same concepts that helped improve all other organizations would not assist them.

This misconception is changing as education is learning that they can benefit from implementing “best management practices”. Faculties are recognizing that if they want more tenured positions, endowments, grants, research funding and success, that the institution as a whole must be successful. Full enrollment with high retention and student success is the goose that lays the golden egg for all.

*The role of Academic and Non-Academic factors in improving college retention. Act Policy Report


“In 2010, with the help of Teri Yanovitch, Rollins College embarked on an institutional service excellence initiative intended to help transform our service culture and improve our ability to deliver on our promise of a distinctive, transformative and engaged learning experience that is truly exceptional and unique to Rollins. Teri takes a holistic, system-oriented approach to helping organizations transform their service culture. She is a true expert in her field and an exceptional consultant.”
Matt Hawks
HR Director, Rollins College

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Quick Tip

Academic and financial difficulties account for less than 28%* of the reasons why students leave a college or university. The balance leave due to service-related issues.