Retention and the Student Experience

T. A. Yanovitch, Inc. works with colleges and universities to develop a culture of quality service leading to increased student loyalty and retention.


  • Improve financial performance

  • Establish powerful brand and image

  • Increase college student retention and graduation rates

  • Demonstrate greater value in tuition and attendance

  • Enhance position with community, alumni and all stakeholders

Our Process

Great service doesn’t just happen. It must be planned, managed and incorporated into the structure of the organization. Consistent attitudes, behaviors and processes must be adopted to support this strategy. Our process implements the principles of quality customer service through a leadership, teamwork and communication approach that delivers tangible and measurable results.


Service Excellence

Undergraduate students leave college for any number of reasons. But the majority of students share one common complaint: 72%* of student drop outs are typically related to service issues that can be managed.

Service Excellence is a genuine management science, ensuring your processes and people are positioned to make your institution a success and be recognized as such in the marketplace. The return on investment for improving student retention rates can be measured in the millions of dollars for your institution.



The educational environment has become much more competitive. Students have multiple options and many organizations are competing for the same student enrollment. In order to compete in this environment, an organization must develop a brand that makes service excellence part of everyday operations, and provides value to promote student success. A campus environment that “speaks” service enables an organization to attract and retain students, develop loyal employees and faculty, and allows your employees, staff, faculty, and students to be your best marketing force.

To do this, a culture of service excellence must be established.  This culture ensures a seamless experience for the students whether they are interacting with admissions, financial aid, registration, enrollment, advisors, etc.  Improving the student experience in the areas that surround learning in the classroom helps the students become more focused on the educational aspect of the college experience and better able to meet the academic standards necessary to stay in school and graduate.

*The role of Academic and Non-Academic factors in improving college retention.

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