If we want improvement in our processes, it is important to measure.  By not measuring, we don’t really know what or how big is our problem or obstacle.  I am often asked the question:  “How do you measure service?”  Below is a worksheet that may help you.


1. What are ways our department or work group disappoints our internal/external customers?

2. What are obstacles in our process (training, knowledge, equipment, procedures, budget, schedule, quality) that make it hard for us to deliver excellent service?

3. What are things our internal/external customers do to make it difficult for us to do our jobs?

4. Based on the above, what process would be most meaningful and helpful for us to measure?

5. How will the data be collected?

6. Who will be responsible for the data collection?

7. Who will be responsible for recording the information?

8. Who needs to be kept aware of the data?

Plot the data on a chart that can be displayed in an area visible to the employees who are doing the work and impacting the numbers. These visual charts will keep the service process on the forefront of everyone’s mind.

The purpose of measurement is not to blame, but to understand and assist you in improving the process. It is important to measure to identify how we can improve this process to better serve our customers.