Graduation is right around the corner for most college campuses and everyone is getting prepared for the big event. What a great time to showcase the college and impress your visitors with your outstanding customer service. Those visitors are your customers for the day and they consist of the graduates, parents, grandparents, siblings who will be in the market for a college, extended family members, friends, guest speakers and other dignitary or invitees. Have you looked through the lens of these customers to ensure you are ready to create some wows that will make this a memorable event for all?

In terms of processes that make it easy for everyone, consider: the parking, signage to locate the event, seating, exiting, any food or dining celebrations.

In terms of the physical environment, do a walk around of the campus and look for cracked sidewalks, dead or weedy landscaping, broken lights, faded signs, dirty windows, and chipped paint. While these elements won’t ruin the graduation experience, they will whittle away subconsciously on the impressions of those visiting that day.

In terms of your employees, encourage them to say hello and smile at everyone they pass, to look for “lost” people and offer to help with directions, to be proactive in watching for special needs of visitors that may have children, elderly, or physically-challenged guests with them.

This is an event that will live in the memories of those who participate. Everything you do to make them feel special and valued and the event effortless to attend, will be positively remembered. And isn’t that what great service is all about?