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A happy student is a more successful student.  Good customer service does not mean giving students an “A” grade if they don’t deserve it, good customer service means creating an experience that surrounds the learning opportunity in the classroom so the student is able to be more focused on the teachings presented by the instructor.  To do this, the following six factors can improve that experience:

1. Ensure your employees are competent and knowledgeable about how to do their jobs. Teach them where they fit into the big picture of the institution. For frontline staff positions, cross-train as much as possible, so employees can step in for each other and know the steps that come before and after them (for example: registration, enrollment, scheduling, advisors, financial aid, etc.)

2. Educate employees to look through the lens of the student. Show empathy and actively listen when the student is explaining his needs and concerns.

3. Design processes to help employees deliver excellent service easily and that allow them to be helpful and attuned to the needs of students and others they serve. Many employees never interact with the actual students, but they do serve and interact with many other colleagues and departments. Design processes that allow students ease of use and streamline their ability to navigate through your systems.

4. Don’t let problems escalate. Solve any issues and concerns at the lowest, earliest level. Empower your employees to resolve issues. Teach and train them how to do this so they feel confident.

5. Every student touch point is an opportunity to build a relationship. Student retention increases when students feel a connection to the school. Remind employees to make personal connections with the students.

6. Always deliver on your promises. Do what you say you are going to do. No excuses.