As Darwin points out “it is not the strong that survive, but the adaptable”.

Higher education has held a sacred place in our society. Our colleges and universities are a unique ecosystem that provides value to a wide array of stakeholders such as students, job seekers, parents, employers, businesses, communities, governments and taxpayers. Today, globalization, the information age, and our changing economy are placing enormous pressure on our institutions of higher learning.

Difficult questions are being asked of our institutions. We are questioning an average graduation rate of 30% for community colleges and 50% for four year institutions. Student debt is the largest form of indebtedness after home mortgages. Sky rocketing tuitions are being questioned. Student and parents are wondering why 70% of classes are not being taught by tenured professors. Are students being provided the necessary skills and disciplines to find employment? Are employers and society being provided with the right type of employees and citizens?

In order to compete in this environment, higher education must learn to adapt. One of the key performance indicators (KPI) in this new age will be the “student experience”. Many institutions are dinosaurs and woefully unprepared to compete in this arena. How is your institution adapting to ensure your success?