I was listening to an enthusiastic lecture by Professor J. Rufus Fear Ph. D. about Pericles in the golden age of Athens. The professor was vividly describing their achievements in art, theatre, architecture, pottery, philosophy, and science. What they accomplished was amazing in that era and much of what they achieved is still being studied today. We are mesmerized by the “culture of excellence’’ they nurtured and inspired.

The professor explained how Pericles and the leadership of Athens expected everyone to participate in their city state. Everyone was encouraged at one time or another, to participate in the administration of their democracy. The integration of every citizen into the life of the city was paramount.

Today, we know from Tinto and other academia researchers that the integration of the student into the social and academic life of the educational institution is the best means of improving retention and graduation rates. Obviously, great success comes from everyone becoming involved and participating.

Is your institution developing a culture of excellence by integrating all students into its fabric?