It’s tough to stand out among your competition when you are an online company. But that’s exactly what Chewy, an online pet store company, has accomplished with the use of the personal touch.

The first time I ordered from Chewy for my chocolate Lab named Doak, the phone agent immediately turned the conversation into a personal chat vs. an order transaction. She asked how he got his name and I found myself sharing the whole story of my son going to FSU, getting a dog, becoming a Seminole football fan, and ultimately naming the dog after their football stadium which is named the Doak Campbell stadium. By the end of this exchange, I felt I had a trusted friend at the other end of the line. She was very helpful in sharing advice of what I should be feeding my allergy prone older dog. When my order arrived, included was a handwritten note welcoming Doak to the Chewy family.

Since that first order, Doak has received not only holiday cards, but also little biscuits tucked in with each order. Recently, I became aware that Chewy has been sending some customers a free oil painting of their pet. It is sent unsolicited and randomly. Some customers get confused and send it back, but many who get one, share it on social media which gives Chewy free advertising.

Combining the Amazon-like quickness in delivery and the friendliness of a local pet store, Chewy is doing very well. They train their 2500 agents to be able to answer most pet questions and how to be super customer service friendly.

According to the Petco foundation, pet ownership is expected to continue growing as more people are staying home and working remotely. Chewy is quickly becoming a standout among the online pet store companies. The personal touch is definitely paying off as they continue to look for individualized and unique ways to turn pet parents into customers for life.