Students receive grades and are evaluated on how well they perform in their chosen studies. The grade lets them know where they stand and where they need to improve. Rarely does anyone rest on their laurels, most students are always striving to do better. What grade do you give your college for how well they are doing? Rate yourself on the below scale.

A – Student-Centered – Positive experiences guaranteed in dealing with the basic processes of registering, enrolling, scheduling, advising, and payment. Staff is empowered to take care of the students and take the initiative to ensure they consistently get a great experience. Staff is competent, cross-trained, and eager to assist students and co-workers.

B – Student-Focused – Basic processes are carried out very well and students talk well about their experiences. Staff has the training and resources to do their jobs and are supported and motivated. Service provides comfort and ease to the student and inspires their loyalty.

C – Student-Friendly – Good service shows up in pockets but is not consistent. A student might experience friendly helpful staff and process ease in one department, but find that not to be the case in another department. Overall, students are satisfied.

As anything below a “C” is hugely detrimental to a student’s record, anything below a “C” in the above, is hugely detrimental to a college’s record. Today’s websites post retention and graduation rates as par for the course these days and unless your college is continuously striving to get into the “A” grade bracket, it’s hurting its standing.

How well are you doing? A culture of service excellence aligns the entire college to be “Student-Centered”.