First Impressions

Students are making the rounds of colleges these days trying to determine what will be the best fit for them for the next four years of their life. Not only are they looking at the academics, they are also looking for who makes them feel the most valued and cared for.

High Point University knows the importance of making potential students feel special from the moment they step on campus. The set aside Welcome parking spot, the signage with their name, the verbiage on the signage of reserved parking for Special Guest all make an impact. This is the first impression the student has of their visit to High Point.

Every point of contact has been thought through to ensure it is not just a mediocre experience at that touch point, but an “excellent” one. Service Mapping is a great tool to help every work group take a fresh look at each interaction and discuss ways to turn an average interaction into an amazing one.  These little Wow’s will add up and help make the experience one to be remembered.

Service Excellence does matter. High Point University is ranked #1 in Regional Colleges South.